What is ecoAgra ?

Bio-fertilizer 100% Made From Plant Extracts.

EcoAgra is a folliar sprayed growth stimulant, suitable for all crops and plants. Applied via either the irrigation system or sprayer, ecoAgra will stimulate the plants’ growth hormones. It Improves the plants health and enable better quality of production. A bottle can cover up to 2.7 hectares of farmland, with 1 part EcoAgra and 300 parts water.

Better Root Growth
Better Root Growth

EcoAgra stimulates growth hormones of your plant which will enable a better root growth and health. A better Root = a better plant health.

Increased Photosynthesis
Increased Photosynthesis

With increased activity of plant growth, their rate of photosynthesis will increase as well. As a result, you will see your plant brighter in colour, their fruit will be fuller and juicer, all visible in matter of days.

Less Fertilizer Consumption
Less Fertilizer Consumption

With your plant growing stronger and healthier, there is less need for fertilizer. Just let the plant grow as it is, and wait for the harvest. We have seen a reduction in fertilizer usage up to 50% with one of our farmers.

100% Plant-based
100% Plant-based

100% plant extract, means no harmful chemicals for you and your love ones. Less chemical usage, means more organic product. Maybe you should think about getting your farm organic certified ?

How does it work?
Rate of Photosynthesis increasing.

EcoAgra is a foliage applied bio fertilizer suitable for all crops and plants.It penetrates the leaves from the upper epidermis and the stomata. Once inside the plant, EcoAgra will increase the rate of photosynthesis, enabling better absorption of water and nutrients. In turn, EcoAgra will stimulate the root growth of the plant, which improves the health and yield of the plant.

Observation after application

Healthier Leaves

EcoAgra stimulates growth hormones in leaves. Improved rate of Photosynthesis means healthier leaves.

New Shoots Everywhere

After applying EcoAgra, you will observe your plant growing much quicker than before; this is one of the immediate benefits.

More vibrant and vivid

After EcoAgra, you will observe an immediate improvement in the color of your plant. It will be greener, more vibrant in color. And when at harvest, you will find your harvest to be of higher quality.

Fuller Fruits (Who doesn’t like juicy fruit?)

If you are a fruit grower, you will see your fruit becoming fuller and getting a better rating.

The University of Florida

Dr Alan L. Wright
Everglades Research & Education Center

The experimental design included sweet corn grown using two fertilization rates (80 and 100% of the UF-recommended N,P, and K), and a product test (with and without), with four field replications. Each field plot measured 4 rows by 20 feet, with a total of 16 field plots.

Farm Profile

Dania Muck Soil (Soil Type)

Replicated Trials (4 replicates per group) Trial Type

Sweet Corn (Trial Crop)

16 field plot. 4 rows by 20 feet each. Field Plot


8% better yield in sweet corn harvest.

Trial Design

Replicated Trials: 4 Replicate per group. 4 groups in total.

Field measurements include initial soil testing (pH, plant-available P and K) to determine fertilization rates needed, soil testing at harvest (pH, plant-available P and K), and aboveground leaf tissue testing at harvest (total N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn). Other measurements include sweet corn yield (ears) and kernel brix. Fertilizers were applied preplant at 80% and 100% of the UF recommended rates for N, P, and K. Foliar micronutrient application was made 4 times during the growing season. ecoAgra 300 was sprayed onto corn according to manufacturer’s guidelines using a 1:300 ratio of ecoAgra 300:water at 12 gallons of the mixture/acre. Pest control (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides) was applied equally among all treatments as needed. Hand weeding was also performed periodically as needed. Corn was planted on Oct. 27 2014 and harvested on Jan. 22, 2015. ecoAgra 300 applications occurred on Nov. 24 and Dec. 17, at 28 and 51 days after planting.

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